About CAGE Studios

Our Mission

To create interactive experiences that challenge players to solve problems and explore immersive worlds that no other form of entertainment can portray.

Our History

In 2011, when a passionate lifelong game developer (Gabriel) met his peer who had been programming games since the third grade (Salaar), it was an instant connection. After countless LAN parties, all-nighters with new games, as well as crafting our own, CAGE Studios quickly became our dream by 2012.

Since then, our university careers have given us practice, portfolios, and expertise on how to create unique interactive experiences that no other medium can portray. Our ability to challenge each others' thoughts until we reach the best design solutions forms the foundation of our creative partnership.

In 2017, our dream became our goal as we co-founded CAGE Studios LLC and created our first commercially-ready game: Sail and Sacrifice. Game development always presents unpredictable technical and design challenges, but with our unique skillsets and continuous cooperation, we will make games that push the boundaries of imagination.

Our Team

Salaar Kohari

CEO, CAGE Studios

BSE candidate in Computer Science and MSE candidate in Computer Graphics and Game Technologies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Gabriel Langlois

President, CAGE Studios

BS candidate in Computer Science and BS candidate in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Our Technologies